Motivational Speaking

To me, motivational speaking is a win-win situation. In July of 2006 I was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. My daughter was only 10 years old; I had been newly re-married for just a year. After the initial shock, and the reality of facing a life-threatening illness set in, I realized the only way I could move forward was to take as much control of my health as possible. I became my own advocate, getting second opinions and educating myself on my treatment choices. I feel both blessed and lucky, as I have been in remission since January of 2007.

I have chosen to go public about my health journey for two reasons - most importantly, I am in a position to help others through awareness and education. On a personal level, I receive a tremendous amount of support from the public and through social media every time I speak! In other words, I am motivated by YOU!

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