On The Road To Rt. 66 - Chicago To Kirkwood, MO

Our first day driving Rt. 66 was filled with surprises around every turn.  We started, literally at point zero - downtown Chicago at Michigan & Adams.  We drove down Ogden Avenue, snapping pics along the way. We spent quite a bit of time on Joliet Road, eventually making our way to Joliet - lots of Blues Brothers sightings there!

In Wilmington we found the first of many larger-than-life fiberglass statues - the Gemini Giant at the (now closed) Launching Pad Drive-In.

Do not pass go, do not collect $200 - go directly to jail! In Gardner, the 2-cell jail built in 1906 is a popular photo op.  I couldn’t resist!

More photo ops presented in Odell at a restored Standard Sinclair station, built in 1932. It is now an information center and souvenir shop. Check out Christine, showing off the old cash register!

My biggest surprise came as we drove into Pontiac.  Mayor Bob Russell and many others in town were waiting for us at the Rt. 66 Museum - they even put up welcome signs!   The power of social media!

Two hours later (I could have spent 2 days!), we hit the road again.  I had to stop at Funks Grove to try the much talked about maple sirup!  So glad I did!

Time was passing much too quickly to take in all the sites on my list.  We continued on to St. Louis, driving over the Mighty Mississippi to Kirkwood, ready for a well-deserved night’s rest.  Day 1 under our belts - tomorrow, we drive through Missouri into Oklahoma, destination Tulsa!