On The Road To NOLA

I am most fortunate that my almost 21 year old daughter chooses to spend spring break traveling with me, rather than with her besties - on the other hand, I do take her on some amazing adventures - so here we go again! Tomorrow, we head south to the Big Easy!

The last time Sara and I were in New Orleans was 5 years ago as part of a tour; we only spent a few days there - not nearly enough to experience all that NOLA has to offer! We sampled many types of food (Sara got hooked on Shrimp & Grits) and we listened to fabulous jazz music.

This time we'll be there for one week, enough time to explore much of what this incredible city has to offer. Sara and I have some ides, but we are welcome to your suggestions! I'll be blogging throughout the week, posting daily on Facebook and Twitter, and streaming LIVE on Facebook and Periscope when we discover something amazing! I just love these interactive vacations!  Chat soon, y'all!