On The Road Back Home

It is said, all good things must come to an end, and such is the case with our magnificent British adventure.  I wanted to wrap things up with an easy, fun day and just soak up everything we had experienced this side of the pond. I chose 2 of our favorite things: shopping and theatre! At this point, we had become totally acclimated to the tube, which I might add is the most efficient, user-friendly, clean and safe public transportation system I have ever experienced!

Covent Garden is right next to the theatre district; it's filled with everything from quaint shops and boutiques to familiar big-name retailers. This venture was all about the shoes!

Good thing the Noel Coward Theatre was willing to hold our bags in coat check, while we caught the matinee of the new hit comedy "Shakespeare In Love!"  Adapted from the Oscar-winning film, this play was outstanding - and, once again, we waited patiently at the stage door to see which actors might appear to sign playbills and take pictures! We were star-struck!!

Actor David Oakes is playwright Christopher Marlowe in 'Shakespeare In Love"
Actor Tom Bateman is Will Shakespeare in "Shakespeare In Love"
Actor Colin Ryan plays Webster in "Shakespeare In Love"
Spot, the dog, played by Barney, in "Shakespeare In Love"

After getting our fill of celebrity moments, I just wanted to walk around Covent Garden and take it all in - the sights, the sounds, the people - memories to last a lifetime.

I never see lines like this at home!
I never see lines like this at home!

One last tube ride back to Waterloo Station and it's time to pack up and get ready to head home.

So many of you asked if I thought I could ever get used to driving on the LEFT side of the road! Since I didn't do any driving on this trip, I don't know if I can answer that - what I can tell you, is that after nearly 2 weeks, I could NOT get used to WALKING on the left side of the sidewalk!!

Our flight home on Thursday was without incident - other than the 8 hour duration, and a couple "vocal" infants!  We arrived back home refreshed, revitalized and with a new appreciation of our "mates" overseas, after an experience in world history unlike any found in a text book!

Thanks for joining us on a most memorable adventure!