On The Road to Israel - Again!

With so many places in the world to discover, why would I want to re-visit this one, after crossing it off my bucket list? Many reasons - first and foremost, my first trip to Israel left such an impact on so many levels, I promised myself if I could, I would return. There was so much more I wanted to experience in this place of history, culture and spirituality.

The timing for this trip is perfect. My daughter Sara (and best travel buddy) recently graduated college, and as she spreads her wings I don't know how many more mother/daughter trips lay ahead.

This trip will bring new perspective. We're traveling during the summer as opposed to winter on our last visit, and the trip will be lead by our Rabbi, as opposed to our Cantor - both exceptional tour hosts - different styles!

Once again we are traveling with a group of 30 or so members of our synagogue, but Sara and I are the only repeats from the 2011 trip. New friendships, new adventures and new discoveries.  New technology will allow me to share some of these experiences in real time! Keep in mind Israel is 8 hours ahead of Chicago, so if my post times are a little "off," that's why!  Until we land - Shalom!