On The Road to Jerusalem Nightlife

Bonus blog! Before I write about our last day in Israel, I wanted to share our adventure in Jerusalem Saturday night - and it certainly was an adventure! We started with a short walk to the Montefiore Windmill; a flour mill when it was built in 1857, it now has landmark status with a small museum.

With a beautiful starlit backdrop, Rabbi Max led the Havdalah, a candle-lighting ceremony to mark the end of Shabbat. 

Photo courtesy Leslie Weiss

We walked back to the hotel and split into two groups - the younger set (under 18) went for ice cream. The rest of us went to explore Machane Yehuda at night!

If you recall, Machane Yehuda is Jerusalem's crazy-busy market place with over 250 vendors! But on Saturday night, it transforms into a different type of organized chaos - an outdoor nightclub of sorts - vendors are replaced with bars and restaurants, music fills the streets and everybody enjoys!

Yes, that beer bottle on the door post is a Mezuzah!

Take a look at our group's version of a Jerusalem pub crawl!

Did we feel a little too old to blend in? Perhaps. Did we care? Not a chance!