On The Road To Philadelphia

Let me state for the record, this is going to be the most ambitious road trip we've taken to date! We'll be driving through 8 states in the New England area and 2 Canadian provinces - in 12 days! We chose this route because these are beautiful and historic places we've never seen...and we LOVE adventure!

Our road trip begins in Philadelphia, a city with more history than I could ever explain!  It was our nation's first capital from 1790 to 1800.  The city of "brotherly love" was named by Quaker William Penn in the late 1600's, derived from the Greek "phileo," to love and "adelphos," brother.

We got a quick lay of the land at Independence Park, home of several sites associated with the American Revolution and our nation's founding history. We stood on the site of the home and executive offices of our first two presidents - George Washington from 1790 to 1797 and John Adams from 1797 to 1800.

We saw a very powerful exhibit and theatrical presentation at The National Constitution Center, digging deep into the history of "We, the people..."

***Did you know that there wasn't always a 2-term limit for a U.S. president?

***Or this fun factoid about early televised campaign speeches? 

Much quieter after the DNC, but it definitely left its mark! 57 fiberglass "Donkeys Around Town" (think 'Cows on Parade') representing participating convention delegations will be on display through September 9th. And of course, more political paraphernalia than you can imagine!  

We stopped by the U.S. mint, but couldn't make a withdrawal (they were closed!).

As if we don't have enough to see and do, we're also squeezing in some family time, visiting cousins in Baltimore on Sunday, then back to sightseeing in Philly on Monday. Like I said, a very ambitious schedule indeed!