On The Road To St. Lucia

Once again, I found myself saying, "I'm too old to do this" and once again I found myself completing said task! In this case, it was jumping into a waterfall in St. Lucia! We began our "4 x 4 Waterfall Escapade" mid-morning on this sunny, breezy and warm day.

St. Lucia is an incredibly beautiful tropical island - my favorite so far on this cruise, with it's tall, volcanic mountains surrounded by rain forests.

In 1605 the first English settlers arrived at St. Lucia. It went back and forth between the French and English for 150 years. St. Lucia eventually gained independence, but remains a part of the British Commonwealth. The culture of the island has been influenced by African, East Indian, French and English heritage. 

Our tour took us up the winding road through the mountains, past the banana fields, and into the rain forest, our knowledgable guide Desi explaining it all and then some along the way!

When we arrived at our waterfall destination, the breathtaking beauty didn't calm my nerves about jumping in - but jump we did, and spent some time swimming in the refreshing waters!

After taking in a bit more scenery, including the channel where the Caribbean Sea (to the west) meets the Atlantic Ocean (to the east) it was time to head back.

We bid a fond farewell to our fascinating tour guide Desi, and thanked him for teaching us so much! Who knew you could make a natural insect repellant from the citronella plant, cinnamon leaves, lemon grass and basil - all found on the island!

Back at the dock, we still had time to check out the local flea market, then on board for dinner, some fun cruise ship games (80's music trivia anyone?!) and prepare for Bridgetown Barbados tomorrow!

Our next adventure will include turtles, shipwrecks and snorkels - details ahead!