On The Road To Honolulu

When my husband and I first traveled to Hawaii, we were newlyweds, honeymooning in a tropical paradise.

Maui, June 2005

Ten years later, we have returned to renew our vows, this time bringing my daughter and my parents to share in our celebration.

Honolulu, June 2015!

The first half of the trip in now under our belt - 3 days in O’ahu for some sun, sand, and sightseeing!We did a little shopping at Hilo Hattie’s; the world was our oyster, at The Pearl Factory and we savored a breathtaking sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

The next day was particularly poignant, as we visited Pearl Harbor, a first for my Dad, who is retired Air Force/Air National Guard.


Our tour started with a moving documentary that included historic footage of the Japanese attack on the U.S Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, propelling America into World War II.There are 2 exhibit galleries, explaining events that lead up to the war, and the actual attack.

A Navy shuttle boat takes visitors to the USS Arizona Memorial, which was built over the sunken hull of the battleship.

It honors the 1,177 crewmen who died on that “date which will live in infamy.” It a heartbreaking, but most beautiful tribute.  A humbling experience, indeed.

Diamond Head, 2015

Diamond Head 2005

Our evening ends with another incredible sunset, and a recreation of a picture we took on our honeymoon along Waikiki Beach with Diamond Head as our backdrop.On to Maui, and the anniversary celebration!