On The Road To Niagara Falls

It was another rainy start to the day as we pulled out of Toronto, heading toward our final destination, Niagara Falls. We drove to the lakefront to grab a few pics along Lake Ontario, the CN Tower still visible through the mist.

As we entered the QEW to Niagara the rain stopped and the sun broke through, giving us incentive to make a quick stop at St. Catherines to do a tasting at one of the many wineries in the region!

The wine at Chateau Des Charmes was SO tasty, we ended up buying a couple bottles!

Since we had gotten off the highway, we decided to take the backroads for the remaining 9 miles or so to our hotel - good decision, GREAT scenery!

The view from our hotel room was breathtaking! 

We immediately got on a tour to see the Falls up close and personal, along with a soaking boat ride!  Words cannot describe the magnificence  of this natural wonder.

Located on the Niagara River, which drains Lake Erie into Lake Ontario, Niagara Falls contains the largest volume (20%) of the world's fresh water. The American Falls are 880 feet across, the Canadian (Horseshoe) Falls are 2,200 feet across. The water at both falls combined falls at a rate of 100-thousand gallons PER SECOND!

There is no shortage of beauty in this region of the world.

Next up, a unique POV of Niagara Falls...from a ZIP LINE!