On The Road To Toronto

Clear skies greeted us as we prepared to make our way Toronto. Lucky for me, Old Montréal had a modern Starbucks around the corner from our hotel! Fully caffeinated, we hit the road for another long drive.  We knew immediately when we crossed into Ontario, as the street signs were primarily in English!

The front end of our 6 hour drive reminded me of the midwest - flat land, lots of open space and farms! Yes, we passed construction, no it didn't cause nearly the delays we see in Chicago! Millennials don't say "Are we there yet?" Instead, they crack wise on Instagram!

As we approached the city, the skies became overcast, but the skyline was still visible, giving it a very urban feel.

Our hotel was within walking distance of everything we wanted to do in Toronto - shop and eat! The city reminds me very much of Chicago - crowded, but not too, bright and busy with an energetic vibe. A nice cross between Chicago and New York!

We did some "power shopping" at Eaton Centre, an urban mall with over 300 stores and restaurants! It attracts about a million visitors each week!

Across the street from the mall, the juxtaposition of historic and modern - the majestic Old City Hall, built in 1899 in the Romanesque Revival style, next to Toronto's version of Divvy bikes!

We let Sara choose our dinner destination - she picked a winner! Not only was the food terrific at The Keg Steakhouse + Bar, the mansion has great Canadian History!

The Keg Mansion was built in 1867 and become home to one of Canada's most illustrious families, the Massey's, in 1882. It was our delightful and animated server, Vanessa, who clued us in that the mansion is haunted! Hart Massey's daughter Lillian passes away in her bedroom, which is now the women's washroom.  Her presence is said to be felt through toilets that spontaneously flush, flickering lights and the feeling of a cool breeze!

I waited until we returned to our hotel to use the facilities...just sayin'!  Our next (and final) stop, the Canadian side of Niagara Falls!